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Lend A Hand

The 7th Annual Marvel of Flight is an exciting way to get involved in your local community. While you are working, you can feel, hear and be a part of an amazing day of fun and thrills. We are looking for adults and students to volunteer their time to work at the event.

Once you have arrived at the airport, report to the Volunteer Headquarters at the beginning of your shift to check-in. You will also report here at the end of your shift to check-out.

Water will be provided, and a meal for full time volunteers. If any special requirements are needed, please remind your volunteer coordinator.

Group Volunteers

Coordinators of groups, businesses, schools, clubs, non-profits or civic organizations may contact the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce if you would like to volunteer at this year’s fly-in and expo.  Contact information is below.

Special Skills or Areas of Interest: 

Admissions                                Field Crew (set up/tear down)            FBO Support

Air Operations                           First Aid                                               Parking Lots Attendant

Aircraft Parking                         Flight Line Attendant/Taxiway             Shuttle Team

Forums/Workshops Support                                                                Trash/Recycling Detail

Exhibitor Check-In                   Shuttle Operations                             Volunteer Support

Exhibitor Support                      Information Booth/Hospitality             Other



For more information on volunteer opportunities contact:

Candy Nowling at thematrix@matrixcoc.org